Smart Investments

There is a harsh fact about reality. The good job that you have may not last your entire life or career. The stability of the job may change and the particulars about it may change it to one that is completely undesirable. You must think ahead and plan on making your money work for you. No matter how much you have, you must plan on saving at least three months salary for a rainy day. Additionally you must set aside a proportion of your salary to invest now in well performing businesses on the stock exchange, as well as through available mutual funds which have a superior performance and you should consider investing in real estate. Particularly you should consider real estate that you can fix up for rental properties.

Stock investment on the internet in one such new technological avenue. Stock brokers have understood long before the public the great advantage that the speed of the internet gave them in financial matters. They offer to the public the advantage of internet sales and buying of company stocks and mutual funds. At least seven years ago the stock market utilized proprietary computers, intranets, wide area networks (WANS) to manage and predict the public sales and purchases of commodities, stocks, and bonds. The market place is a very competitive place. The government and the stock market board exist to provide a fair market where no one person or block of investors have a larger influence than any other. Prior to the internet and the 21st century only large blocks of investors or extremely wealthy ones could purchase stocks and commodities as an investment. This is because they were limited to how small or large a package of stock could be sold. When banks or other groups of investors, retired math teachers, became involved then investment packages could be subdivided smaller. Hence more people could afford to invest their surplus cash into more risky but profitable ventures. The invention of the telegraph allowed the transfer of information at the speed of light. After this the invention of the Teletype maintained the technological edge into most of the 20th century. when the age of the personal computer arrived then financier Mr.Bloomberg advanced both the electronic management of stock but provided the pioneer work to facilitate the inclusion of the internet into the confines of Wall Street.

You can acquire attractive properties which require very little in the way of repair. Some only need cleaning and painting to become profitable rentals. Today in Tulsa, Oklahoma there is a vast excess of available homes which have become available. These are offered by banks, mortgage investment firms, and real estate agencies. On the other hand the reason why these are available should be mentioned. The city of Tulsa has been through a devastating financial depression which began shortly after major internet companies and communications groups went bankrupt. This led to the loss of over 75,000 technical jobs and over $250,000,000 in lost revenues from income and sales taxes. These jobs have not be replaced but have been out sourced to off shore resources. I remember walking several miles along the edge of several housing divisions which were marked by the rarity of an occupied house. Most were marked by the “For Sale” signs and tall unmown grass. There are some real bargains here in Tulsa for those with good salaried jobs! These can become a smart investment for you which has stability and that can increase in profitability over the years.

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